Krishivishwa Culture Bank is Technique of Krishivishwa Biotech. This Technique is established in there year 2014, in Virgaon. The founder of this technique is Mr. Anil Deshmukh (Director) of the Krishivishwa Biotech. The first demo placed on Polyhouse of Mr. Mayur Deshmukh for the crop of Capsicum. It was successfully run in the demo plot. In these technique we have made the different group. i.e. Krishivishwa Culture Bank Bio-Combi I, Krishvishwa Culture Bank Bio-Combi II, Krishivishwa Culture Bank Bio-Combi III, Krishivishwa Culture Bank Bio-Combi IV and Krishivishwa Culture Bank Bio-Combi ALL. In this process we have selected the beneficial microbes which can bind with each other and shows best result. From 5 Liter of culture we can prepared 2000 Liter of Culture. Its a cyclic process which can be used for any cropping pattern or for any crop. This technique is cost effective and farmer friendly technology of recycling.

Objectives :-

  • Reducing the cost of Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides.‍
  • To increase frequency of application of Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides.
  • Always keep Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides ready for regular use.

Benefits :-

  • Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides are always available for use by farmers.
  • An effective way to reduce costs on Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides.
  • Consistency in use due to continuous availability and low cost.
  • The result will be noticed by the farmers as there is continuity in use.
  • Due to good results and continuous use, the cost of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is reduced.
  • Alternatively low production cost and good quality produce.
  • Increase in the economic status of farmers.
  • Conservation of eco-friendly insects.
  • Savings in the country’s foreign currency.

Types of Culture Bank :-

  • Solid Culture Bank
  • Liquid Culture Bank

Type of Liquid Krishivishwa Culture Bank

  • (1) Single Drum Culture Bank
  • (4) Quadruple Drum Culture Bank
  • (10) Decuple Drum Culture Bank

Types of Solid Culture Bank :-

“The Culture can be grown on the solid particles. Total 12 liquid culture are grown on Neem Cake and drawn on the soil before cultivation.